Fertility Support


We all have our own fertility journey that is very personal to us. It is hard to talk to anyone about it because no seems to understand.   Everyone is quick to judge and sympathise.   This is the primary motivation behind the creation of Birmingham Fertility Support to offer tools such as webinars to feel hopeful and positive. Examples of the webinars are progressive relaxation exercise and gratitude journaling.  The purpose of these webinars is to provide a safe protected environment for one to feel uplifted and calmer.  We all live busy lives and we hardly have time for ourselves.  So it is important to set some time to allow ourselves to be relaxed and peaceful. Only when are able to dedicate time to ourselves and our wellbeing will we be able to be welcoming parents to our future children.


If you would like to receive these webinars and ongoing support then please register to receive these on the sign up to tab.

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