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We all have a journey to parenthood. However whether or not we have a child before we had our very first child we did go through infertility. So all woman have infertility in common at certain point in their life. This very thought should fill us with hope because all those who have children were once in the same situation to us. It is different that the lengths of time that we go through infertility vary from woman to woman.


How we view this period of infertility is really dependant on our attitude. It is our frame of mind that allows us to view half the glass empty or half full. For now let us simply be grateful that we have a glass which is the desire to have a child. Now this desire for another being is for us to feel complete and this cannot be a curse. To want to share your life with another being is a sign of the deepest compassion that one may ever feel. So it is definitely a blessing. Now we simply have to change our perspective and take inspiration from everything around us to help us on a journey. The end result is not guaranteed but let us try our best to make this camino (journey in Spanish) worth while.

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