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“It’s 2016. The fertility industry is booming. One in six couples are struggling to conceive and IVF offers an assisted route to parenthood for many including growing numbers of same sex couples and singles who are seeking treatment to make a family. For lots of people IVF is a modern miracle and the media is full of stories of success. But two thirds of all IVF cycles fail – the statistics have changed very little since Louise Brown the first IVF baby was born in 1978 – and few talk about the devastating emotional impact of going through treatment.

In the first event of its kind in the UK, Fertility Fest will bring together over twenty of the country’s leading writers, visual artists, theatre-makers, film-directors and composers alongside some of the country’s foremost fertility experts in a day of performance, discussion and debate on one of the most important scientific and societal developments of our times. Topics under the artistic microscope include facing the diagnosis of infertility, IVF, donation, surrogacy, the male experience, egg freezing, involuntary childlessness and alternative routes to parenthood.

So what happens when IVF is and isn’t successful; what are going to be the effects of this science on future generations; 

and how far as a society are we prepared to go in our pursuit of parenthood?

Join us in Birmingham or London for Fertility Fest – a unique and uncompromising look at what happens when art meets medicine.”

 For more information to book your tickets visit http://www.fertilityfest.com.  The date for this event in Birmingham is Saturday 28th May and for London it is 11th June.

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