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I often get asked where can I find fertility support here in Birmingham.  I created birmingham fertility support to provide information for this on a fertility journey and hence I created the webinars. However there are other places you can find support too.  Below are some links which you may find useful.  I wish you the best on this journey.


Fertilty Network ( ) is a wonderful charity where you can find information, inspiration and help.  On their website you will find:


  • Support line that you can call to talk to Diane who is a trained nurse Diane a call on 0121 323 5025 between 10am-4pm on Mon, Wed and Fri, or email her at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org
  • Free webinars where professionals share their wealth of information to support you during this journey.
  • An online community which you can join for free to share with others who are on a similar journey to yourself
  • Stories of other people that you can read to create the awareness that you are not alone.
  • Book reviews
  • Resources
  • Newsletters


Create Fertility is UK’s leading Natural & Mild IVF Clinics.  They are now in Birmingham and hold open days led by Fertility Consultant who will talk you through:


  • Create Ferility’s philosophy and treatment options
  • The truth about Natural and Mild IVF treatments
  • The different types of fertility issues and how we can help you overcome them
  • The patient journey; the process and the benefits of our safer approach
  • The next steps


Care Fertility is a world renowned pioneering fertility group and they hold patient information evening where you can

  •  Find out more
  •  Ask questions
  • Meet the team


IVI Midland Fertilty is a fertility clinic near Birmingham which is dedicated to providing patients with the best-in-class service, putting patient needs at the heart of all clinical developments.  You can contact them for more information.

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