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About Us

Welcome to Birmingham Fertility Support


We all have our own fertility journey that is very personal to us. It is hard to talk to anyone about it because no seems to understand. Everyone is quick to judge and sympathise. This is the primary motivation behind the creation of Birmingham Fertility Support is to provide a safe protected non judgemental environment for one to feel uplifted, empowered and calmer.   Only when are able to dedicate time to ourselves and our wellbeing will we be able to be welcoming parents to our future children.




Empowering, Effective & Empathic

Fertility Support

Are you thinking of starting a family and want some support and guildance?


Have you been trying for a baby for awhile and nothing has worked?


Have you tried different ovulation tracking method but just do not know when or if you are ovulating?


Do you experience reproductive problems such as endometrosis, ovarian cysts and pcos and feel that is impeding your fertility?


Have you gone for assisted conception such as IVF or ICSI and it has not been sucessful?


Do you want to try some natural to empower you to take control of your fertility journey?


Have you experienced recurrent misscariages and are unable to see the future of parenthood?


Do you want to support your assisted conception journey with nurturing holistic support?


Have you had enough of your fertility journey and just do not know what steps to take next?


If you have answered yes to anyof above questions – welcome – you are at the right place. 


About Arty


Thank you for taking the time to read about about me and giving me the opportunity to support you on this fantastic journey.


My name is Arty Amarisa and my background is coaching, holistic therapy and psychology.  My education includes a first class degree in psychology and master in investment banking.    My calling in life is to help others and help you realise your inner resources and happiness. I am always yearning to find out more about the fertility world to support you on your journey,  In addition my aim is to empower you with tools to take control of your own well being both physically and mentally.  


My professional memberships include: 


Association of Reproductive Reflexologists


Bach Flower Practitioner International Register


British Psychological Society


EFT Interatinonal


Fertile Body Method Therapists

I am passionate to help you on your fertility journey.   I have helped many woman concieve naturally and alongside assisted conception.  I feel priviledged to be one of the first ones to find out about your pregnancy and I support you through out your journey as I also specialise in maternity reflexology and birth preparation.


Come On In

Contact me to talk about how I can help you on your fertility journey

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