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My very first pregnant news

So when I started helping others on their fertility journey, the first lady I helped conceived soon after she had a session with me.  So I wanted to share with you what worked in this case.  The main areas that seemed to be out of balances was that mum had no time for herself.  She had two rounds of unsuccessful IVFs but had made no changes in our work-life balance which was key to make way for her pregnancy and baby daughter.  After our sessions she realised the importance of standing up for self and making room the arrival of her child and everything fell into place and she conceived naturally.  

Secondary Infertility 

Statistics indicate that secondary infertility is more common than falling pregnant for the first time.  There are pressures that you must start a family and when you have a family then there is additional pressure that you should have a sibling for your child.  The guilt also sets in when your child wants a brother or sister.  I have helped woman conceive their second child naturally in situations where the only alternative was assisted conception, when they were unable to determine when their ovulating due to PCO and also when time was an issue due to various imminent medical proceedings. 

Positive pregnancy test in my clinic toilet

I will never forget a wonderful lady who came into my clinic with a mission to have her second child.  She knew exactly what she wanted, how and when she wanted it. All she needed was support during the way.  Her effort and space provided was safe that she found out she was pregnant with a positive pregnancy test in my clinic toilet!

Support during assisted conception 

Going through assisted conception can be a stressful period specially if you are travelling abroad.  I have helped various ladies who have been going through the IVF and IUI process supporting them at all the stages of the medical intervention to enhance the treatment success both in the UK and abroad. 












What They Say

“Morning Arty, I hope you are well. I don’t know if you remember me but I came to see you in January for a fertility massage. From the moment I spoke to you on the phone I found you really reassuring and calming and it was exactly what I needed to start the new year. Visiting you was so relaxing and I had a great experience with you. I haven’t wanted to message too prematurely but I just want to share that I am now 16 weeks pregnant! I genuinely believe that it has something to do with seeing you. Thank you so much for everything, I really can’t believe it myself. I remember you emailed me about leaving a review but I can’t seem to find that email, could you please send me the link for your review page. I have passed your number on to a couple of a people as i think you’re amazing. Thank you so so much. I wish you all the best xxx”

“Arty is very professional, passionate, personable, and knowledgeable in the many things she’s is trained to do. Since going to Arty for fertility refelexology my menstral cycles have improved including my wellbeing, therefore improving my imbalanced hormones. During treatment she has informed me about the times where I was ovulating and about other aspects of my body that felt imbalanced giving advice from this to improve my all round health. She has provided fertility advice such as supplements and charting using Ovusense, which I would never have known about. I truely look forward to having the therapy and fully recommend Arty as a practioner to others. She is amazing!”

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